Scope of Business - Li & Cai Intellectual Property Office

A. Patent
■ Preparing and applying for patent application.
■ Acting as agent representative for analysis, re-examination, and revocation of patent, etc.
■ Acting as agent representative for authorization, assignment, and registration of patent right.
■ Providing services of prior art search, infringement investigations and opinions.

B. Trademark
■ Preparing and prosecuting trademark application.
■ Handling matters related to the administrative procedure of trademark, opposition and cancellation
petition of trademark.
■ Handling the matter related to renewal, assignment and change of registered trademark.
■ Providing service of trademark searching and infringement investigation.
■ Offering service of trademark assignment & license.
■ Providing consultation on trademark matters.

C. Copyright
■ Providing consultation on copyright matters.
■ Copyright tort investigation.
■ Computer software and other copyrighted works protection.

D. IPR Investigation Protection
■ Preparing and prosecuting application for IPR seizure with Taiwan General Administration of Custom.
■ Undertaking investigation into infringement of IPR rights and providing service of infringement accusation.

E. Legal Affairs

■ Handling the litigation and other judicial remedies against IP infringement and unfair competition.
■ Providing legal service on IP cooperation, assignment and license.
■ Providing legal services on foreign investment in Taiwan.
■ Settling down economic and trade disputes, and civil and criminal litigation.

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