Taiwan IPR Trends Q4 2012: Patent and Trademark Statistics -2013/04/23 - Li & Cai Intellectual Property Office
Taiwan IPR Trends Q4 2012: Patent and Trademark Statistics -2013/04/23

According to TIPO’s latest IPR quarterly statistics, both the number of patent/trademark applications and patent/trademark examination achieved unprecedented performance. Patent applications filed by ROC nationals and by foreigners in Q4 2012 hit a record high in a single quarter since 1999. Trademark applications showed stable growth, with the application number also reaching a historic high in 2012 since 2001.The number of concluded examination of invention patent applications showed a tremendous increase, leading to a sharp decrease in the number of backlogs by nearly 8,000. Among foreign applicants, Japan continued to claim the top spot in both invention patent and trademark applications, followed by the U.S. And, for the first time; mainland China ousted Germany and claimed the 4th spot in the same category. The increase in the number of applications filed by non-nationals has indicated their fast and eager development of patent portfolios in Taiwan.

In Q4 2012, a total of 24,068 patent applications were received at TIPO, which accounted for a 3.7% growth than the same period in 2011. Of these, domestic applications totaled 15,029 (increased by 1.5%), and 9,039 by foreigners (increased by 7.5%), both hitting a record high in a single quarter since 1999. This growth, after some analysis, can be attributed to a boost in invention patent applications. Applications filed by foreigners totaled 7,974, achieving a new height in a single quarter since 1999; those filed by ROC nationals totaled 7,176, also hitting a record high since Q1 2011. However, affected by a decline in the filing number in the past three quarters, applications filed by ROC nationals in 2012 registered a 1.9% decline. On the other hand, trademark applications maintained a steady growth. Applications filed in Q4 2012 totaled 18,653 (increased by 10.5%). Of these, domestic filings totaled 14,044 (increased by 11.0%), and 4,609 by foreigners (increased by 9.1%).

Furthermore, TIPO is pleased to report that its continued dedication has led to improved patent examination efficiency. In Q4 2012, the number of concluded invention patent applications totaled 19,593, which not only led to a boom of 52,425 concluded cases throughout 2012 (increased by 43.1%), but also exceeded the number of requests for substantive examination (44,457), thereby resulting in a sharp drop, as of the end of 2012, in the number of backlogs to 152,509, lower than the 160,479 cases in 2011. By the end of 2013, the number of backlogs is expected to become less than 150,000, accompanied by a gradual decline in the average pendency for invention patent applications.

Among foreign countries filing invention patent applications in Taiwan, Japan continued to be the champion with 3,246 applications in Q4 2012, followed by the U.S. (2,547), indicating the deepening of Japan-Taiwan and U.S.-Taiwan economic and trade relations, while also far surpassing that of South Korea (632), which came in third. Moreover, for the first time, mainland China (407) ousted Germany (336) and leaped to the 4th place, showing the country’s eagerness in patent portfolio in Taiwan (Fig. 2). Among the top three foreign trademark filing countries, Japan again continued to claim the top spot with 1,021 applications, closely followed by the U.S. (943), ranked second, and mainland China (568), ranked third.

With respect to the invention patent applications filed by foreign industries in Q4 2012, Intel Corporation (504) was ranked 1st consecutively in Q4 and Q3, followed by Nitto Denko Corporation (122). Broadcom Corporation (101) leaped to the third place with an impressive 800% growth. Qualcomm Incorporated (70) also leaped to the 9th place, indicating a dramatic rise in applications in the digital communications industries in Q4 2012. Furthermore, Samsung Display Co., Ltd. (81), ranked 8th, was the only South Korea-based industry in the top ten list of foreign applicants. With respect to domestic industries, Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. (1,009) continued to take the first place, far surpassing those of the Industrial Technology Research Institute (454), ranked second, and Inventec Corporation (311), ranked third.

Thanks to the growth in Q4 of last year, patent applications received at TIPO totaled 85,073 in 2012, accounting for an annual increase of 2.5%. Of these, applications filed by foreigners totaled 32,558 (increased by 5.8%), and 52,515 (increased by 0.56%) by ROC nationals, both creating a record high since 1999. This growth in foreign applications can be attributed to a boost in invention patent applications (28,112, increased by 5.8%). On the other hand, the decline in invention patent applications by ROC nationals (23,077) was offset by the increase in applications of utility model (24,427, increased by 1.38%) and design (5,011, increased by 8.72%). As for trademark, applications filed in 2012 totaled 74,357 (increased by 10.0%). Of these, domestic filings totaled 55,696 (increased by 9.4%), and 18,661 by foreigners (increased by 11.6%), both achieving a new high since 2001.

Despite the global economic slowdown of the past year, the applications for patent and trademark experienced growth, and the examination efficiency showed an improvement. With the global businesses becoming ever more competitive, domestic industries must find ways to optimize their patent quality with breakthrough technologies so as to stay abreast with foreign counterparts and maintain a competitive edge on the international scene.

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