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What is a “trademark”?

A “trademark” is a sign that is used to distinguish one’s goods or services from those provided by others. As the economy, culture, and the market diversify, the types of trademarks may now include a packaging design, three-dimensional object, sound, or even a scent. In the Republic of China, a

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What is a “certification mark”?

A certification mark is a sign that serves to certify a particular quality, accuracy, material, mode of manufacture, place of origin or other matters of another person’s goods or services by the proprietor of the certification mark and distinguish the goods or services from those that are not certified, e.g.,

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Purposes of Trademark Protection

“A trademark” is also known as a brand, and is used for identifying the specific source of goods or services provided. In order to avoid confusion, to protect the rights of a trademark right holder and the interests of consumers, to prevent any unfair competition and to facilitate the development

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