Guidebook for Trade Secret Protection 2.0

To help companies establish thorough mechanisms for protecting trade secrets, previously in 2013, TIPO already published the Guidebook for Trade Secret Protection. Six years have passed since then, and TIPO has gained many more experiences in this field. What’s more, the guide needs a few amendments in order to catch up with the latest trends. TIPO therefore released the Guidebook for Trade Secret Protection 2.0 for companies to use. The points of the latest amendments are as follows:

  1. The implementation procedures of reasonable confidentiality measures being a main focus, the guide takes into account relevant court rulings to advise companies on how to set up such confidentiality measures.
  2. Included actual litigation practices and the strategies which companies may take to help judicial officials with judicial investigations.
  3. In the Q&A session, added notes for assessing trade secret protection, the timing for carrying out such protection, and the ways to fulfill relevant duties.
  4. To provide simple business trade secret information counting.